Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Large Enterprises

With Job Titles Including:

Chief Learning Officers, Vice Presidents, Directors & Managers Of:

  • Learning & Development
  • Learning
  • Training
  • eLearning
  • Mobile Learning

Plus Key Industry Suppliers Of:

  • Bespoke Learning Solutions
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Authoring Tools
  • Performance Support / Performance Management Software
  • Gamification Platforms, Simulation Development & Game Design
  • Social Learning Platforms / Enterprise Social Networks
  • Mobile Learning Platforms & Applications
  • Video Solutions
  • Virtual Learning Solutions
  • Blended Learning Solutions

Engage The Learner News

Wells Fargo Interview: Discussing Asynchronous Blended Learning

We spoke to Jennifer Embery, President & Learning & Development Manager at Wells Fargo  where she addressed:

  • How Wells Fargo is embracing new approaches to learning
  • How she would like to see the learning and development function evolve
  • Where the biggest opportunity is for organizations to embrace an on-demand performance support model
  • Why it is important for the industry to attend the congress
  • Her career highlight in the learning industry
  • What 3 items are always on her desk/mobile workstation


Verizon Wireless Interview: Developing In-House Learning Sytems

We spoke to Riaz Uddin, Associate Director, Learning Technologies & Content Systems at Verizon Wireless where he addressed:

  • The biggest challenges facing organizations as they look to improve workforce engagement in e-learning programs
  • The advice he would give to companies looking to revamp their learning and development strategy
  • The pros and cons of developing in-house learning solutions
  • How he would like to see the learning function as a whole renew itself
  • The aspects of the congress he is most looking forward to
  • Why it is important for the industry to attend the congress
  • His career highlight in the learning industry


The Boeing Company Interview: Mobile, Social And Video Learning

We spoke to William Epstein, EdD, Director, Applied Learning Technologies & Innovation at The Boeing Company where he addressed:

  • Harnessing advances in neurosciences and mobile, social and video learning within a large organisation
  • The future evolution of learning and the biggest opportunities for transformation
  • His advice for companies looking to implement an overall learning strategy
  • The aspects of the congress he is most looking forward to
  • Why it is important for the industry to attend this congress
  • His career highlight in the learning industry


Qualcomm Interview: Optimizing Mobile Learning

We spoke to Geoff Stead, Mobile Director at Qualcomm where he addressed:

  • Some of the ways that he would like to see the contextual awareness that mobile phones provide optimized within learning
  • The aspects of the congress he is most looking forward to
  • The biggest challenge of rolling out an enterprise-wide mobile learning program
  • Why it is important for the industry to attend this congress
  • The 3 items that are always on his desk/mobile workstation



Live Streaming

Live Streaming


As The Only Congress Focused On Integrating Next-Generation e-Learning Strategies Into Fortune 500 Learning Programs...

...Learning and development strategists are excited about an opportunity to benchmark mobile, social, gamification, video and content solutions out of the spotlight of a vendor-biased user-group and in a peer-to-peer environment where everyone is facing similar challenges. Featuring over 20 case studies, attendees can benefit in the knowledge that every discussion will be:

100% Devoted To Enterprises / Corporations: 

  • Almost all other e-learning programs are either entirely for academic institutions or for a mix of academic and enterprise organizations; by focusing 100% on enterprise e-learning, our agenda delivers much more value to the target audience who face very specific challenges completely distinct from those of academia

Sharp Focus On Mobile, Social, Gamification, Video & Content Strategies: 

  • While other enterprise e-learning events tend to focus on more general e-learning strategies and only touch on these next-generation platforms and strategies, our agenda is entirely focused on the really cutting-edge technologies that they are really facing challenges with right now

100% Focused On Fortune 500 Companies: 

  • Fortune 500 companies face completely different e-learning challenges to smaller organizations due to the scale and scope of their operations; the fact that all our case studies will be coming from peers of similar size ensures the content will be maximally relevant to them

Vendor-Neutral & Operator Led:

  • Almost all other e-learning conferences have the bulk of the presentations from vendors, consultants and academics - this will be the only congress to be 100% from the perspective of decision-makers from enterprises themselves

Strategic Perspective:

  • By focusing only on those topics that are relevant to senior decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies rather than including topics more relevant to instructional-designers and other implementers the event provides a focused value proposition to a very specific target market


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